Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are conducted during the whole study, based on IPB Rector’s Decree No. Nomor 183/IT3/PP/2020 on Standard Operational Procedure of IPB Postgraduate School. The monitoring and evaluation process of the study for each semester includes:

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism for Students

In each session, all students who attend class must enter their name on the list of attendees (using IPBM). Students who are unable to attend class with a valid reason must inform the administrative staff and lecturer with supporting documents , at the latest one week after the unattended lecture. Students with attendance below 80% of all scheduled lectures are not eligible to take the final exam.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism for Lecturers

Before the first lecturing session, the academic staff of MREE must prepare the minutes of the lecture, which contain:

  1. “Topic” to monitor the delivered materials during the lecture.
  2. ”Date and Time” to monitor the lecturer’s attendance.
  3. ”Lecturer’s Signature” to monitor the validity of the written data.
  4. ”Academic Staff’s Signature” to monitor the data entered into the MREE academic system information.

Lecturers’ attendance is evaluated periodically after each semester through the lecturer's minutes. In addition to that, the monitoring system is also conducted by filling out the academic process evaluation (Evaluasi Proses Belajar Mengajar/EPBM) online questionnaire at In that questionnaire, there are components of the student's evaluation of the lecturer in various aspects, one of which being lecturer’s attendance. The results of the evaluation will be discussed in MREE’s academic meeting.</p>

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism of Lecture Materials

Evaluation of lecture materials is conducted during the coordination meeting of the lecturer team each semester. Towards a new academic year, lecturers of each subject will submit the syllabus, Lecture Session Unit (Satuan Acara Perkuliahan/SAP), handouts, and lecture materials to MREE academic staff.

Monitoring and Evaluation System in Thesis Guidance

The Thesis is one of the requirements of study completion. The thesis should be written accordingto the rules described in IPB’s guidebook of scientific writing. Students must periodically consult with their Supervisory committee (consisting of 2 thesis supervisors) about their progress during proposal preparation, field study, and thesis completion. MREE conducts the monitoring and evaluation of the student’s study progress through the student’s Consultation Control Card. This card contains a report of consultation results between studentsand supervisors, which will be submitted to MREE. The monitoring and evaluation of thesis-writing are conducted by the following organizations: 1) the Supervisory committee, 2) MREE, and 3) IPB Postgraduate School. The monitoring and evaluation are conducted through the following activities:

Mechanisme of Monitoring and Evaluation

The mechanisms of monitoring and evaluation are formulated to enable detection of possible deviations, such as: 1) Incompatibility of thesis format with IPB’s guidelines for scientific writing, 2) Inconsistent data and information, and 3) Mismatch between the Supervisory Committee and students. The measures to detect and avoid the aforementioned deviations are as follows:

  1. Presenting the thesis results in a seminar to receive input (e.g., clarification/counteraction/feedback) in order to improve the thesis
  2. Supervisory Committee meetings from the preliminary phase to the completion of the thesis.

Thesis defense attended by the Supervisory Committee, external Examiner and Examiner Representative from the Study Program.