CTSS IPB University Invites Fellows to be Involved in Various Activities

The Center for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Sciences (CTSS) IPB University again held a fellows meeting, (6/1). The Fellows meeting this time was attended by 17 people who are registered as CTSS fellows of IPB University. Until now, there have been 31 people who have joined as Fellows of CTSS IPB University. The fellows come from various institutions such as universities, research institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Head of CTSS IPB University, Professor Damayanti Buchori said, Fellows of CTSS IPB University are figures who have expertise in their fields, love and loyalty to nature, justice and ethics. So, he said, fellows can contribute greatly in building discussions on transdisciplinary practices and sustainability.

Professor Damayanti continued, the fellows can actively participate in various activities at CTSS IPB University. Not only that, fellows can also provide input for the progress of CTSS in the future.

"Fellows can play a role in making books, podcasts, research, training, and knowledge platforms organized by CTSS IPB University," explained Prof Damayanti Buchori.

The knowledge platforms in question include Transdisciplinary Tea Talk, Graduate Student on Sustainability Seminar and Afternoon Discussion on Redesigning the Future. Fellows can also play a role in Task Force 4: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, Think 20 (T20) Indonesia. (*)


Published Date : 10-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Professor Damayanti Buchori

Keyword : CTSS fellows, CTSS IPB, transdisciplinary, sustainability science, sustainability science