Research and Academic Excellence

MREE always strive to provide high-quality and best education for students. This is one of them evidenced by the results of accreditation A provided by BAN-PT.

The teaching staff in the MREE consists of 3 Professors and 9 Doctors who are divided into several scientific fields: Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Public Economics.


The Excellence of MREE

Graduate Competence

Graduates of MREE are equipped with analytical skills in Resource and Environmental Economics and its supporting disciplines, as well as the ability to formulate policy recommendations for optimally utilizing and managing natural resources and the environment to fulfill the current and future needs of the people. Specifically, MREE graduates will be able to:
Formulate the natural resource and environmental accounting, and green GDP;

Estimate the economic damage and lss of disasters;

Value natural resource and environmental services;

Implement economic instruments for sustainable development; and

Formulate sustainable development-related policies.

Easy to Find a Job

Until now the MREE has had more than 100 graduates with the majority working as lecturers, researchers, consultants and Planners spread across central and local government agencies, research institutions and public and private universities throughout Indonesia.