MREE Student Activities

The master's study program in Resource and Environmental Economics has held an International Public Lecture, held at Bogor Agricultural Institute. On the occasion of this international public lecture successfully presented Dr. Max M. Ritcher (Monash University), Guillaume De Buren (Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, Switzerland), and Dr. Benoit Laplante (Climate Change Economics). This international study is important for students to examine various environmental changes affecting the climate globally.


Student Exchange

Student exchange is a program where students have the opportunity to participate in study programs at foreign campuses with a certain period of time. Some students of the master study program in Resource and Environmental Economics who participated in student exchange activities are Fibrianis Puspita Anhar (class of 2014) at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Kyoto University Spring School Program, Japan. Asri Harianja and Diyane Astriani Sudaryanti (Force 2015) in Hokaido, Japan “PARE (Population, Activity, Resources, and Evironmental)”.

International Conference

The International Conference of Resources and Environmental Economics (ICREE), is an International Conference organized by the master study program in Resource economics and environment. This International Conference is aimed at experts and environmentalists from various countries, including academics, research, students and actors in related agencies. In this activity participants can also publish their academic papers in the form of rosiding conferences and publications of scientific journals, both national and international journals (Scopus indexed).

Student Field

Students field trips or field studies conducted by students in the first semester and the second semester for the courses of Resource and Environmental Economics, Economic Valuation and Assessment of Natural Resources and Environmental Damage, as well as courses in Institutional Economics and Natural Resource Policy. Field studies are conducted in various regions and institutions that are in accordance with the course. With this field study activity, students can learn more and get hands-on experience in the field.

Social Capital

Social Capital (Soscap) is a routine activity of every know-how conducted by the master study program in Resource and Environmental Economics. Soscap is usually done after the recipient of new students, so that students can get to know each other between generations. Not only students with students, but also between students with lectures.

Campus Life

Bogor is a cool and comfortable city as a place to study. This rain city is located 53 kilometers south of the capital Jakarta. The city is rich in this culture and historical value. The geographical position of bogor city in the middle of bogor regency and its location close to the country's capital, Jakarta, makes it strategic in the development and growth of economic activities.
Kampus Institut Pertanian Bogor Darmaga terletak 12 kilometer dari pusat kota Bogor. Kampus ini memiliki lingkungan yang asri dan hijau, lingkungan yang nyaman untuk belajar. Keasrian kampus ini telah diakui secara internasional lewat penghargaan Peringkat 2 Green Metric World University Ranking Perguruan Tinggi di Indonesia.