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Paper / Jurnal

  1. Indonesia Sustainable Development
  2. A forest simulator for bioeconomic analyses based on models for individual trees
  3. A New Approach To Economic Load Dispatch Of Power System Using Imperialist Competitive Algorith
  4. A review of the modelling of water values in different use sectors in South Africa 
  5. A time-series data analysis to examine effects of subsidies to fishery productions in Japan 
  6. An Economic Allocation of Resources for Divisible Workloads in Grid Computing Paradigm
  7. An Extensive Analysis of Mining in Nigeria Using a GIS
  8. Biodiesel The alternative fuel for new era 
  9. China's Response to Climate Change A Policy Analysis
  10. Conflicts over Protection of Marine Living Resources The ‘Volga Case’ Revisited 
  11. Cost– Benefit Analysis of Restoring Buriganga River, Bangladesh 
  13. Economic aspects of natural resource exploitation 
  14. Economic effort management in multispecies fisheries 
  15. Economic Evaluation of Capture-Based Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture on the US East Coast 
  16. Economic Impact of Fishing, Hunting,and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Expenditures on the Southeast U.S. Regional Economy An Input–Output Analysis 
  17. Energy Consumption and Real Income A Panel Cointegration Multi-country Study
  18. First nodule to first mine-site development  of deep-sea mineral resources from the  Indian Ocean
  19. Fisheries Contributions to the Gross Domestic Product Underestimating Small-scale Fisheries in the Pacific 
  20. Governance & Natural Resources Evidence from OPEC Countries 
  21. Historical changes in fishing efficiency 
  22. Immediate maximum economic yield; a realistic fisheries economic reference point 
  23. Interbasin Water Transfer Economic Water Quality-Based Model
  24. ITQs in Denmark and Resource Rent Gain
  25. Managing Marine Resources Sustainable 
  26. Marine Resource Economics A Citation Analysis 
  27. Maximum economic yield in crisis
  28. Meeting the ecological, social and economic needs of sustainable forest management at a regional scale 
  29. Multi-criteria decision models for management of tropical coastal fisheries. A review 
  30. Multidimensional analysis of fishery production systems in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil 
  31. Neo-Classical Economic Theories, Methodology, And Praxis Optimize Criminogenic Environments And Produce Recurrent, Intensifying Crises 
  32. Optimal Fee to Recover the Setup Cost for Resource Extraction 
  33. Optimal Resource Allocation Program in a Two-Sector Economic Model with a Cobb–Douglas Production Function 
  34. Pricing, resource allocation and quality of service in multi-class networks with competitive market model 
  35. Property Rights And Environmental Quality A Cross-Country Study
  36. Protected Areas for Conflict Resolution and Management of Recreational and Commercial Fisheries 
  37. Resource Allocation Problem in a Two-Sector Economic Model of Special Form 
  38. Social and Economic Effects of Mining Industry Restructuring in Romania - Case Studies 
  39. The economic efficiency of a time–area closure to protect spawning bluefin tuna 
  40. The economic value of water in metropolitan areas of the United State
  41. The European Council Regulation on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing An International Fisheries Law Perspective
  42. The International Economics of Natural Resources and Growth 
  43. The Pedigree of FisheriesEconomics
  44. The Political Economy of Natural Resource 
  45. The political economy of oil and gas in Southeast Asia heading towards the natural resource curse
  46. The Resource Curse and Oil Revenues in Angola and Venezuela
  47. Use of Financial and Economic Analyses by Federal Forest Managers for Woody Biomass Removal
  48. Use of Sarima Models to Access Data-Poor Fisheries
  49. Dampak Kebijakan Subsidi Harga Bahan Bakar Minyak dan Elpiji Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi dan Kemiskinan Di Indonesia
  50. Dampak Pengembangan Perkebunan Kelapa Rakyat Terhadap Kemiskinan dan Perekonomian Kabupaten Indragiri Hirir
  51. Korupsi dalam Pembangunan Wilayah Suatu Kajian Ekonomi Politik dan Budaya
  52. Landasan Pembangunan Perdesaan
  53. Membangun Kembali Ekonomi Indonesia Berbasis Sumber Daya Alam dan Lingkungan
  54. Rethinking Pembangunan Ekonomi Sumberdaya Alam dan Lingkungan
  55. Sinegri antara Pembangunan Ekonomi dan Penelolaan Sumber Daya Alam dan Lingkungan
  56. Analisis Perilaku Petani Padi Dalam Pemilihan Benih (Kasus Jawa Barat)


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  2. Alur Seminar
  3. Alur Sidang Komisi
  4. Alur Ujian AKhir Tesis
  5. Katalog Tesis PS ESL
  6. Katalog Proposal PS ESL
  7. Katalog Pustakan Prosiding PS ESL

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